I Am What Survives Of Me

by Walk By Sea

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"I am what survives of me." - Erik Erikson

For almost three years now, we have had the humbling opportunity to write music and live in community with some of the most genuine human beings we have ever met. Songs have the ability to bring together the most unlikely individuals and turn them into a family. For us, music has always been about the family, the honesty, and the growth that can only be found in trying to understand each other. We have always strived to write songs that begin a conversation; songs that help us wrestle with the thoughts that keep us up at night. For many of us, we listen to music because it transcends the horrors of this world. Music connects us. Music lets us know that we are not alone in the way we think or the way we feel. Someone, somewhere, feels the same way you do, and they wrote about it.

This album is a direct result of the experiences we have had as a band and as a family. These past few years have been a journey, and we are incredibly grateful to have shared them with all of you.

We would like to thank Ralph and Lori, Abigail, Frank, Ryan and Sarah, Delaney, Erin, Bob and Paige, Tyce, Joseph, Scott and Hailey, Jacob and Katrina, Kelley, Hannah, Alex, and those who have supported, challenged, and encouraged us to continue doing what we love.

Thank you for listening.


released February 25, 2017

All songs written, arranged, and performed by Walk By Sea. Walk By Sea is Brandon Ramos, Jacob Ignagni, Kade Clark, and Zachary Visconti. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Alex Ritter. Recorded in the dopest basement studio on the planet. Artwork designed by Brandon Ramos.



all rights reserved


Walk By Sea Lincoln, Nebraska

An indie-rock band from Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Track Name: Moratorium
In a thousand bitter years,
will we remember all our woes?
Or will we rest beside our mothers,
fathers, and our foes?

And when we finally find the answers
to the questions of our own,
will our graves still lie
before us and be our home?

Will we ever be removed from this dark dream?

Oh but you will.

From all the filthy shades of white
that coat the streets where we roam,
to all the coasts of California,
the only place I'd ever called home,

there's a darkness that surrounds us
like the air we breathe in our lungs.
It fills us up.
Track Name: Awakening
We may not know it yet,
but our time will be revealed
as our bones decay
in the graves we are sealed.
When silence stills our souls
the earth becomes our home.
Darkness will have won
as the night takes hold.

When I look out past
the setting sun,
I wonder where my heart;
where my heart has gone.
Please don't runaway,
please don't leave.
I'm sorry for everything.
I'm sorry.

I know I'll never change;
I'll never change.
Track Name: Isolation
Oh tender love,
where have you gone?
I've searched all my life
with a helpless heart.

Put my tired eyes to rest.

Oh restless hands
with a suitcase full,
is it all so contrived
that you've got to go?

The grass is green,
but it's not your home.
Our time is short
but we're not alone.
Track Name: Favor
Will you be with me,
like the doves reside with you?
Watch as my memories
tear your world in two.

What did your mother say
when your hair fell out?
Were you still lovely
there upon the playground?

But don't you know
it's all the same?
Heart of my own,
don't run away.
And if i cry,
it's for your sake.
Heart of my own,
don't run away.
Track Name: Funeral
Can you see my face
in the shadows of this grave?
I live alone,
in the darkness; on my own.

Am I a disgrace?
Is there more to this than faith?
One who wants like I do?
It's not true, it's not...

Truth is a game,
and it's played by the same
men who want like I do,
to see you.

I long for the day
when I feel no pain,
but will it come for me?
Will you come for me?
Track Name: Polaris
Years of memories have passed.
We're still here now,
navigating by the stars.
What have we found?

Are we explorers on our own?
Or are we lost,
searching for a place to go
beneath the sun?

I never knew what these mountains would mean,
until we stood on their peak.
There's a whole world out there
and we're gonna go get it.
Because we're never coming home,
because we're not dead yet.
Track Name: Bound
I hold it all inside
like the mice in my kitchen at night.
I let it all out
when no one's around.

I hold my hands so close,
because they shake wherever i go.
They knock down

Here I am,
no self made man.
Here I am
I'm not gonna change.
Track Name: Stay
I can see the evening’s fading
like my own breath in the air,
Seems this life is just beginning
and I can't bring myself to care;
but it's all I've ever wanted,
all that I could never be,
so I'll stay.

I can't escape this desire
to be more than who I am,
and I don't want to wonder
what my life is without them.
And in time, I promise,
I can be a better man,
so I'll stay.

I can feel earth below me
drawing closer with every tear.
It's just sometimes I can't remember
why the hell I'm even here.
Maybe hope is in forgiveness,
but I can't see it on my own,
so I'll stay.
Track Name: Brother
Don't give up hope.
I know that tone,
I know your fears, your worrisome soul.

Before our time,
men gave their lives,
to seek the answers, and never arrive.

Maybe it was all just pretend;
for fear that nothing would be left.
But I never had a better friend
to see it to the end.

With winter's breath,
we've seen the end
to all that grows and we'll die again,

But we don't live
for living’s sake.
The earth, it breathes for its people.

Maybe it was all just pretend;
for fear that nothing would be left.
But I never had a better friend
to see it to the end.
Track Name: Emet
The stars up above,
like grains of sand,
are washed in a seashore
that ever expands.

I sit on the front porch
and drink it in:
That all of my loved ones
will soon greet death.

Don't grow old.

What is the purpose
of this life,
but to leave me distracted
by a false sense of time?

Manic but downcast
I'm a wreck,
and covered in earth,
I'll soon greet death.

Don't grow old.